If you smoke, your future’s not pretty

You’re ageing yourself with every puff on a cigarette. Check out the TV ad to see what we mean.

See the Future You make-under roadshow

Young females experience smoking make-unders. See their reactions to the shocking transformations.

See the Future You make-under

Special effects make-up artists show young women across Queensland how ugly their future will be if they smoke.

Meet the make-under bloggers

Wengie, Asha, Aley  and Sharon experience Future You make-unders to see how old smoking can make them look.

My smoking make-under: Wengie

‘I was really, really shocked when I saw my made-under face’

My smoking make-under: Asha

‘Smoking… it’s just not worth it.’

My smoking make-under: Aley

‘The effect of smoking is a very personal issue to me.’

My smoking make-under: Sharon

‘Smoking is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your appearance.’