See the ugly side of smoking

Upload a pic to the Future You Smoking Booth and see how old and horrible you could look if you keep smoking. It’s a shocking transformation.

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Smoking is not hot!

Cigarettes seriously ruin your looks – we’re talking wrinkles, damaged hair and blotchy, saggy skin. You’ll look way older than you actually are. And let’s not forget the yellow teeth and bad breath. Go smoke free. Stay pretty.

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Need more reasons to quit?

If looking gross isn’t reason enough, quitting smoking means you’re likely to live longer, be fitter and have more money.

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Your guide to quitting

All the knowledge you’ll need to say goodbye to cigarettes for ever. Learn how to choose the best quit methods, make a fool-proof quit plan and beat temptations.

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Get help at any time

You don’t have to quit alone. The experts at Quitline offer free advice, tips and support on staying smoke free whenever you need them.

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